Lectures (Updated 19th. of may, 2011

Is your club, society or other interested groups in need of a different kind of entertainment I can be booked for exciting and colorful lectures on 3D-photography, photo techniques, diving among shipwrecks and beautiful seascapes/natural habitats

The lectures are always supported by my 3D-shows, viewed by polarized projection. A visual and unique experience of being CLOSE at places that only a limited number of people has access to.

All pictures are taken with my home-built 3D-cameras which i always carry on my journeys.

In 1997 when I got my first diving certification, I was soon excited by the fantastic world that opened up to me beneath the surface of the sea. I felt that I simply had to show this to the rest of the world and in a very short time I found myself diving with an underwater camera. Despite of the challenge, underwaterphotography soon became an obsession to me. Through the years I have been photographing countless shipwrecks and places of marine interest. Furthermore my cameras have also been extensively used for topside work.

What made me switch almost completely to 3D-photography after more than 10 years of traditional photography was actually some kind of coincidence.

The digital development became an advantage to me and with a little ingenuity and manual dexterity, I managed to put together two digital SLR cameras for a relatively reliable and flexible 3D-camera. A few months later I had built what some people call the world's first 3D dSLR underwater camera.

Besides the described display of 3D images in high quality, I also offer a review / display of the diving equipment that I carry when I take my underwater pictures.


Depending on your demands I am offering lectures on the following subjects:
Ocean discovery :

What do we find below the surface of the sea?
The oceans are filled with treasures of natural beauties, colors and shapes...... Natural wonders that lots of people even don't know that excist. Pearls of historical shipwrecks tells their story in a frozen time. An amazing part of our planet that waiting to be explored.

Underwater photography in general and in 3D:

How do you do?
How to get started?
Review on different types of cameras, strobes, underwater housings, their usability, accessibility, etc..


General diving techniques. Various equipment types and their operation.
How to start with diving, etc?


Why even dive solo? Can it be done safely? As an underwater photographer, I have been practicing solo diving for years and should be happy to tell about my experiences about this tabu subject!


Explanation on techniques to capture 3D-images, as well as displaying. How does it work? How do I built my cameras?

Photo technique in general:

Review and demonstration of the most basically photographic concepts such as iso, aperture, shutter speed, etc. ...

Photo by Poul Pedersen